How Competition Has Become A Job

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Competition has become very steep among job seekers today and it requires every one looking for a job to know what really the employers are looking in them before setting feet before any interview panel. This can help a candidate sell how they would be helpful to the organization. A candidate without knowledge of what the employer is looking for cannot communicate properly their qualifications to the employer and convince the employer why they are the most qualified candidates for that position. Understanding what the employer is searching for in front of the interview meeting is so that the hopeful can make sure to convey the majority of the data that is prone to be most important to the employer. Many studies that have been carried out…show more content…
Many employers love metrics, and this is the trend today. For an employee seeking employment, the more he/she can quantify their work the batter. With the current period of recession, it has become very difficult for most organizations to generate revenue. Many employers are striving as much as possible to cut costs as they emphasize on increasing their revenues. When hiring, employers look for people who can convince them that they will increase the revenue of the organization and reduce operating costs. Creativity and problem solving skills and abilities are also very important factors that many employers are looking for today. With the current competition and the constant changes in the economy, the chessboard changes daily (Gibb, 2011). As soon as one may sit down and think all is ok, a competitor who has been benchmarking on you and working smarter day and night makes a surprise move. This means that you as the manager should look for strategies of countering the competitor’s moves if your company is to stay in business. If an employer employs people who are locked into a set way of performing their tasks, it becomes very difficult for the company to adjust and the employees become a drag to the company and business instead of an asset. This makes the employers look for employees who
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