How Computer Technology Changed Individual's Lifestyles For The Better?

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The contemporary society is becoming increasingly computerized. The fundamental cause is computer technology is conceived globally to have brought conveniences to individuals’ lifestyle, including at work places and social life. Computer technology is the creation and development of computers to aid individuals in daily life and at work. Examples of computer technology include Internet and social media applications. So has computer technology changed individual’s lifestyles for the better? It is necessary to consider some arguments on this issue. Supportive arguments include computer technology enables users to easily access useful digital information, offers potential future applications and promote social networking and communication. The argument against include it could lead to the spread of inaccurate information, and might result in possible addiction and other negative effects on mental health and possible pollution and invasion of privacy in the future. The first argument to be examined is computer technology such as the Internet brought convenience by allowing ready access of digital information. With current computer technology, information can be gathered instantaneously and utilized. As the assorted information available online can be found in an instant, digital information may provide benefits in business occasions and everyday occasions. With the help of computer technology, businesses will have more details of their customers such as their identity, their
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