How Computer 's Affect Your Decision For Selecting The Type Of Components

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Question 1 How computer’s use will affect your decision in selecting the type of components. To build a computer you have to consider what type of computer you are designing to choose the right motherboard and CPU, since not every CPU goes with every motherboard. 1.1) Step by step of how to Build a server. To build a server always consider the type and size of motherboard, storage, processor, what the server will be used for and who going be the user. Server is engineered to manage, store, send and process data 24h a day .It has extra capacity in terms of some components used for a client computer and is more expensive. 1.2) Concept in how to build Office PC. What is Office PC? How Office PC works? Where to use office PC? What…show more content…
Every motherboard need a different power supply unit. Motherboard form factor: Name Support Size Flex ATX Has capacity for 3 expansion slots Micro ATX Has capacity for 7 expansion slots and is appropriate for a full-sized computer. 9.60”x 9.60 Standard ATX Has capacity for 4 expansion slots and appropriate for a small-sized computer. 12” x 9.60” Mini ATX To be used in mobiles with lower power consumption 5.90”x 5.90” Nano ITX Most used for digital entertainment device e.g. TV, tablet, PS3, Mobile etc. 4.70”x 4.70” Mini ITX Has capacity for one expansion slots and is appropriate for small devices. 6.70”x 6.70” BTX 12.80”x 10.30” Micro BTX 10.40”X 10.50” Processor Processor (or Central Processor Unit, CPU) is a computer brain and has the function to fetch, decode and execute and is located in the motherboard. By placing a CPU in a wrong place it brakes. According to (one lesson, 2013) CPU is a mechanic components which provide electronic connections Function of CPU Computer only understand 0 and 1 so everything typed on the keyboard input tab CPU convert into 0s and 1s.e.g. If you input the number 230 and 60 and want to have a result of the sum of these two numbers computer do not understand this number. These numbers go to the RAM then to CPU. Inside CPU electronic component known as control unit receive order from RAM in form of instruction then it breaks down into specific commands for others components. Arithmetic Logical Unit

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