Essay about How Computers Affect Myself and My Family

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How Computers Affected My Family and I

How the computer has affected both me and my family. I have previously been introduced to the basic functions of a computer prior to this course however, I did not know how to use or function many of the common programs such as excel, power point etc.. After looking at how computers play a major role in our everyday lives you see how far technology has come with each generation. Advances in technology such as computers had both advantages and disadvantages that come with them.

Both me and my family use a computer on a daily basis at work, paying bills, online shopping, research, online banking, and communicating with other friends and family and much more. When taking a look at my parents
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Another disadvantage could be that the computer could read the check incorrectly and deposit the wrong amount.

Since the computer has introduced new ways of communicating with friends and family that live far away we stay closer in touch with them. Before being able to communicate through email or video chat or social networking our phone bill with long distance calling used to be expensive. Most of my family live in Arizona and Florida so it is really convenient to be able for my parents and I to communicate with them on a daily basis. Since we have been able to video chat we have purchased a faster internet connection so now it looks like we are talking face to face with no glitches.

Online shopping is also a common use of the computer between me and my family. We find it easier to add the item we want to an online shopping cart then waiting in line at a busy store. However, there poses a risk of security and privacy about putting credit card information online. Most of my family and myself have been a victim of fraud on ‘protected” sites. I think that advances in security and privacy will definitely become better and less flawed with time. However, I also believe that even with the best security there will always be a hacker that is able to get through. So in order to help keep
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