How Computers Have Turned Us Into Extremely Lazy People

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Learn to anticipate more by following your guts It’s strange how computers have turned us into extremely lazy people. The convenience that comes with our gadgets just cuts us from the essential, like for instance, following our guts when we are faced with certain situations. We are sometimes pushed to look for other alternatives in life, like if you have to follow a recipe but that you are missing one of the ingredients, you can anticipate and replace that ingredient with something else, and come up with your own recipe, in the end. That’s called being creative; when everything looks lost, but you find that last solution that will help you end up with results. There are two steps in being more driven by following your instinct (when you have to). The first one, is to learn to “build up your own instinct”. Though some might argue that instinct is innate, and that it cannot be given literally; here, we are talking about having the courage to trust your own ideas or drive. The steps go as followed: -First, you have to learn to make your own analysis about things. -And second, you will have to learn to trust these personal analysis, or ideas. So, first what do we mean by making your own analysis? It simply means making your own, fast, judgment, based on what you feel and think, in that very moment. You don’t have to make an effort, but just come up with whatever comes out of your head. One way to exercise this judgement is to
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