How Computers Is Becoming An Increasing Part Of Our Lives

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In our generation, the use of computers is becoming an increasing part of our lives. Computers and the internet are used by people on a daily basis and are seen as beneficial tools. In the education field, teachers have discovered websites that have tutorials to teach students in a new and exciting way. One example of these websites is Expanding the minds of students, allows pupils to interact with the content featured and helps enhance their education. I personally had the opportunity to experience learning through I completed a chemistry tutorial that helped me gain a better understanding of atoms. My tutorial included two interactive videos that provided me with an immense amount of information about the importance of atoms and what they are made of.

To begin with, the first video was titled ‘Elements and Atoms’. It focused on how atoms reacted with each other. This educational video started with pictures of carbon, lead, and gold in solid form. It continued to discuss how these pure elements have different properties and can change forms under certain circumstances. Following these images, the video displayed an interactive periodic table. The teacher went over some of the major elements in the table and their locations. In order to show students how small an atom actually is, the educator discussed how millions of atoms make up each element on the periodic table. Within every atom, there are protons, electrons,
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