How Context Affects Art

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“How Context Affects Art”
If someone is to understand or analyze something in “historical context," he or she needs the knowledge about the historical circumstances in which it had influence on the work’s themes, techniques, messages, etc. Without understanding the context of the era, a full understanding of the work will be impossible. A work of art can be analyzed within its historical contexts, such as historical circumstances, and contemporary art developments and trends. Most artists and their art pieces were very much influenced by the contexts they were surrounded by. The influence of the Catholic Reformation had taken place in different time periods and throughout European countries. Among many artists influenced by the Catholic Reformation, Mathias Grünewald and Francisco de Zurbarán’s works prominently show its influence. They both painted the same subject matter. However, it is traceable that their works of art have different outcomes due to the Reformation and other sub-influences they had. How contexts had affected their works can be evidently comprehended by overviewing what they had gone through.
A significant crisis in the Catholic Church led to the Reformation and the establishment of the Protestant Church, which stimulated the Catholic Church to initiate the Counter-Reformation. (Metzer) When the Catholic Reformation began, they had to insist the doctrine and structure the social role of the Catholic Church because of the threat of Protestantism, which
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