How Cookie Is Better Than All The Others

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It looks so simple, the irresistible smell of it when it comes right out of the oven. However in just the first bite the taste of that warm, soft cookie dough with the sweet chocolate chip makes the taste buds want more. The thickness, how soft, how it presents itself, and most importantly the taste are all components that can be used to determine which cookie is better than all the others. Each criterion that is being used to evaluate the cookies was chosen because each represents something that people like about a cookie. People love getting as much of a cookie as they can in just one bite. The thicker the cookie is, the more a person can have of that cookie without finishing it in one bite. Each person likes their cookie to be in a different level of softness. Some like it to be so soft that they can hardly feel the cookie while others want it to be really crunchy. The appearance is what initially attracts the cookie to the person. The cookie dough and the chocolate chips is what people look for when it comes to the taste of a cookie. The regular toll-house cookie is a cookie that was made from scratch. It happened to be thin making it a real disappointment. It’s always better to have a good bite in the mouth, but it definitely compensated its appearance for its delicious taste. Out of all the cookies it definitely had the most taste not only from all the chocolate chips but from the cookie dough itself. The visible texture of the cookie wasn’t very attractive .It

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