How Cookies Can Be Viewed As Good Or Bad?

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Introduction Searching the internet comes with a lot of variables, some that users are unaware of and don’t know how to manage. Cookies , is described as “information saved by your web browser” is one of the more impactful web features that doesn’t seem to receive the attention it requires (Federal Trade Commission, 2016). According to studies conducted by Web Tech, 97.6% of websites that use cookies use un-secure cookies (Web Technology Surveys, 2017). Understanding more about the use and types of cookies can be viewed as good or bad, depending on one’s view. On one end of the scale, this is a method for companies and businesses to target consumers using stored information by web browsers. On the other scale, users privacy can possibly…show more content…
This information might include the name of the site, particular interest item and products being viewed, and certain pages visited. When a user later visits another site containing a similar embedded advert, the advertiser will be able to connect to cookies and use it to determine some information about the user 's browsing history. This allows the website publishers to advertise information targeted for the user 's interests, this would technically provide a greater chance of catching the attention of the user as clickbait . This is where the “line” is perceived to be crossed since this allows advertisers to create profiles of users without initial consent from the originating website. Trends and Ways The method to catch the attention of users is what’s makes cookies popular today. The type of cookie ultimately determines how users are impacted. For instance, single session cookies are used to help with navigation on the website, only record information for a limited amount of time and are erased once the user exits the session or quits. The purpose of this type of cookies is to provide users with a simplified navigation experience. According to, persistent or Multi-session cookies remain on your computer for possibly an unlimited amount of time and record information every time you visit certain websites (Beal, 2008, para. 8). Its complicated nature may require
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