How Corn Is The Most Important Crop Of The U.s.

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Sabrina Kalam
AP Language&Composition

I-Industrial Corn

10 Main Ideas/Key Concepts
Corn is the most important crop in the U.S. for investment.
Comment: I agree that corn is extremely useful with its genetic makeup. Since it been manufactured with highly desired genes, it makes corn accessible and easy to produce which is what the people of today deem most important.
The industrial corn is found in absolutely everything.
Comment: To me, this idea has an odd appeal to me. Its so strange to me that one crop could provide an endless amount of product possibilities. For example, both chicken nuggets and cupcakes have a high amount of corn in it, yet they seem to have completely different tastes.
Corn has monopolized the diets of both humans and animals.
Comment: Like the book said, corn is a whole business itself. I like to think of corn as one of the top 10 successful businessmen in Forbes. There is not one human in the U.S. that has not tasted corn. In one form or another, every person to live in America has had a taste of the dictating crop.
Cows are force fed corn to alter their growth rates.
Comment: For me, this was a difficult chapter to read. I was utterly disgusted by human gluttony. I couldn’t believe that those kinds of things were occurring in the 21st century. It reminds me of the time I refused to eat the meat of a cow whose slaughter I had witnessed.
Cannibalism with cows is viewed as okay.
Comment: This is not okay. I find it appalling that society…
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