How Corn Is The Most Important Crop Of The U.s.

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I-Industrial Corn

10 Main Ideas/Key Concepts
Corn is the most important crop in the U.S. for investment.
Comment: I agree that corn is extremely useful with its genetic makeup. Since it been manufactured with highly desired genes, it makes corn accessible and easy to produce which is what the people of today deem most important.
The industrial corn is found in absolutely everything.
Comment: To me, this idea has an odd appeal to me. Its so strange to me that one crop could provide an endless amount of product possibilities. For example, both chicken nuggets and cupcakes have a high amount of corn in it, yet they seem to have completely different tastes.
Corn has monopolized the diets of both
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However, for animals, its fine, because they are animals. Being civilized gives us no right to force this idea upon cows with forced feeding.
Too much corn is a bad thing.
Comment: This is a greater truth that the author is trying to hint at. For example, when he is discussing the forced feeding of the cows, he mentions how eventually the cows will become ill. We are basically walking into the same fate.
Corn is beneficial to businesses, not people.
Comment: Pollan mentions that the excessive production of corn only benefits agricultural businesses like ADM and Cargill, but the farmers who grow these crops are failing to strive. This is similar to today’s issue of minimum wage and the class gap.
Tax money is being used for corn.
Comment: I thought this was absolutely absurd. Tax money should be used on more important issues, such as medical and public staff salaries (teachers, doctors, etc)
The fast food industry is growing at a rapid rate.
Comment: This statement is extremely true. Nowadays, you find more McDonald’s than schools. Fast food may be easy on the pocket, but not the vital organs we need to live.
Businesses exploit human minds and stomachs.
Comment: In the book, Pollan discusses various techniques that businessmen use in order to get people to buy more, from the supersized menu to nutritional value packaging. I do find that I eat more when faced with 1 bigger portion rather than
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