How Cosmetics Affect Confidence, Body Esteem, And Self Worth

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How Cosmetics Affect Confidence, Body-Esteem, and Self-Worth Makeup, cosmetics, beauty products, these are seen everywhere in daily life. Cosmetics are used to improve facial features and aesthetic appeal. Cosmetics predate written history. In the name of beauty, extreme lengths have been taken, in order to fulfill societal expectations. How does the cultural focus on physical appearance affect women today? Cosmetics like facial foundation, mascara and eye shadow, and eyeliner, in addition to all the other products, are used to improve facial appearance. These things have become a regular pastime for some women. Even in ancient Egypt, they used Kohl as eyeliner. This is no new phenomenon. It is however, becoming a fine art, new methods of contouring can vastly change the shape of the face. It is astounding, and I wonder what would motivate a woman to change herself so dramatically? The way women perceive their natural face can be distorted through makeup, causing a change in self-image and a feeling of inadequacy when they are without makeup. Makeup has a substantial effect on self-esteem and confidence because a woman can lose sight of her inherent beauty and become fixated on personal appearance in order to fulfill societal expectations. Historically, make up and beauty products have been taken to extreme levels. Women in the medieval era got lead poisoning from the makeup they used to make themselves more pale, this caused illness, and may even have
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