How Could You? Essay

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Act 1 Study Guide 1. What do the witches in Scene 1 inform the readers? 2. In Scene 2, what does Duncan order Ross to do? 3. In Scene 3, why does Shakespeare most likely have the witches speak in rhyme instead of blank verse? 4. How does Macbeth show his ambition and curiosity about becoming king in Scene 3? 5. Duncan says to Macbeth, “Would thou hadst less deserved,” in Scene 4, line 18. What does he mean by this? 6. How does Lady Macbeth know that Duncan is coming to her castle? 7. What does Lady Macbeth’s greeting in Scene 5, lines 51-55 show about her feelings towards Macbeth’s position? 8. Why is Duncan’s reference to Lady Macbeth as a “noble hostess” in Scene 6, line 24 of this tragedy an…show more content…
10. What do you learn from the sidenotes for Scene 4, lines 1-4, 6-10, 12-13, and 17 of this drama? 11. How does Shakespeare show a vision of nature that is affected by and responsive to the human actions in Act Two? Use two details from Act Two to support your response. 12. Macbeth says, “every noise appalls me” in Scene 2, line 56. What is one sound in Scene 2 that reflects Macbeth’s fear? 13. What is one thing that Macbeth forgets to do after killing Duncan?

Act 3 Study Guide 1. Why does Banquo have hope that his prophesy will come true? 2. Why does Macbeth most likely question Banquo about his journey in Scene 1? 3. Which good quality does Macbeth say in Scene 1 he most fears in Banquo? 4. Why do the two murderers agree to carry out Macbeth’s plan in Scene 1? 5. What does Macbeth tell Lady Macbeth to do in Scene 2, lines 28-34? 6. What happens in scene 3? 7. What does the ghost at dinner in Scene 4 cause Macbeth to do? 8. “For mine own good, / All causes shall give way.” How is this statement an example of Macbeth’s tragic flaw? 9. What figurative language is this quote an example of: “This night I’ll spend/ Unto a dismal and a fatal end”? 10. Why is Macbeth preparing for war at the end of Act Three?

Act 4 Study Guide

1. What does the First Witch tell the witches to do in Scene 1, lines 4-9? 2. Why does
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