How Couples Can Improve Relationship Satisfaction For The Aver Couple?

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Couples therapy has shown to significantly improve relationship satisfaction for the aver couple (Doss & Others, 2014). What distinguishes a healthy well- functioning couple from a dysfunctional couple? A healthy well-functioning couple consists of two people who not only love each other, but also hold a high level of respect and acceptance for one another. Communication is also a key component in well-functioning couples. The root of most problems within couples is a lack of honest communication. In healthy relationships, there is always room for growth, both as a couple and individually. Another big aspect in healthy relationships is that each person as a life outside of the relationship. They aren’t completely dependent on each other’s happiness. It is important for individuals to love and respect themselves and not commit to a relationship because of the lack of these qualities.
In contrast, a pathological dysfunctional couple as two people who lack respect, open communication, and are disloyal to each other. In dysfunctional relationships, couples are typically inconsistent in sharing their wants and needs. One reasoning for this may be that they are not honest with themselves therefore lack knowledge of what they want or need from the relationship. Dysfunctional relationships may consist of one or both individuals being too dependent on each other, giving the other person control over their own happiness. Dysfunctional marriages not only receive less…
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