How Couples Can Improve Relationship Satisfaction For The Aver Couple?

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Couples therapy has shown to significantly improve relationship satisfaction for the aver couple (Doss & Others, 2014). What distinguishes a healthy well- functioning couple from a dysfunctional couple? A healthy well-functioning couple consists of two people who not only love each other, but also hold a high level of respect and acceptance for one another. Communication is also a key component in well-functioning couples. The root of most problems within couples is a lack of honest communication. In healthy relationships, there is always room for growth, both as a couple and individually. Another big aspect in healthy relationships is that each person as a life outside of the relationship. They aren’t completely dependent on
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In this setting it is crucial to remember that the relationship is the client, not each individual. Sometimes the therapist may find that they connect with one individual over their significant other, which can lead to problems in the therapeutic process. Another common challenge therapist will encounter in couple’s therapy is countertransference. The therapist may be presented with an issue that he/she has gone through in his/her own personal life, which may bring in personal feelings of the situation. Thus, the therapist must be aware of these potential issues in order to develop a healthy therapeutic relationship with the couple.
Understanding the different phases of couples therapy is also necessary for therapists. The first phase of couple’s therapy is for therapist to establish and maintain a good therapeutic relationship with both individuals by creating a safe haven for them (Kessler, 1996). This phase of treatment is crucial as it sets the tone for the rest of treatment. It is the therapist’s duty to make both individuals feel comfortable in order to establish a healthy relationship where each person will be able to open up about the issues they are experiencing. More flexibility is required in a couple’s setting, as the therapist should find an approach that fits each individual or two approaches that the therapist can move smoothly back and forth if each individual requires a different
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