How Creative A Person Is?

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There are many methods used to measure how creative a person is, therefore, within this essay I will focus on a few methods by giving informative descriptions and providing a range of sources to back up these methods validity. Creativity is the ability to excel established ideas, rules, systems, relationships and to generate important new ideas, methods, explanations etc. The effectiveness of each measure of creativity effectively conducted in different experiments using different methods. The results from the experiments display an ability to understand how creative a person is. There are many differing forms of creativity. One form which differentiates is "Big C" and "Small C". "Big C" creativity is the advance kind of thinking that most people understand, however, it is quite rare. On the other hand, "Small c" creativity describes the little ideas and "a-ha’s" that improve and develop our lives. Another form which differs from each other is Divergent and Convergent thinking skills. Divergent and Convergent thinking skills are both valuable forms of intelligence, problem solving and critical thinking. Whereas, Convergent thinking, is about increasing factual knowledge, following instructions, and being able to solve problems with only one right answer. Creativity and divergent thinking are integral - creativity is important to think divergent. In addition, another form which distinct from each other is Problem finding and Problem Solving. Problem finding means
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