How Creativity Can Be Open Minded And Think Outside The Box

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Question 2. I believe that creativity is the ability to be open minded and think outside the box. Creativity means that you are able to come up with solutions and ideas. Whether it is in artistic means or any type of problem, finding ways to communicate these thoughts and solutions are an essential part of being creative. My most valued creative skill is my ability to express myself through artistic means. Because of this skill, I have been able to teach myself drawing and painting, different instruments like guitar and the piano. Also, creativity opens up an interest in new things. In my case, I started to practice ballet again, joined competitive swimming, and even auditioned and got into my school’s drama class. Similarly, being this creative thinking can apply to more academic activities when there is a need to problem solve. I especially applied this when doing my I.B. Chemistry group investigation project. In this project, the other group members and I struggled to find information on E.P.A. regulations and the source and effects of specified contaminants in freshwater. Once we started looking into how the water’s pH affected the toxicity of the water, we were not able to find information about how it affected freshwater. In effect, I compared it the effects of pH change in pool water and related that to the lake we were researching. Therefore, creativity affects my decisions both inside and outside the classroom by allowing me to see the world in a

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