How Crime Affects The Community

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Crime affects the community any numerous ways. On the individual level, crime makes people feel unsafe, especially if they witness crime. Areas where crime rates are above average, residents deal with reduction in housing equity and property value. Gangs especially divided neighborhoods previously built by family’s in their post WWII economic boom. These neighborhoods are now territories in both urban and rural areas. By which, gang activity advocates deviant behavior ranging from prostitution and drug dealing, too human trafficking and execution style assaults on conflicting or rival gangs. Population reduction is a huge issue in the more urban areas with high crime rates. Modes of transportation and the time of day to travel all become variables in the function of (How to avoid crime and conflict) day to day life by individuals. Communities take a hit when these kinds of situations are present within their boarders. Each community suffers individually though communities all suffer collectively. The process of policing ultimately revolves around meeting the needs in a manner of which serves the community in its efforts to sustain justice between deviants and non deviant members of the community. Community Crime Prevention is how communities take guard and promote efforts against crime by achieving developments within community infrastructure, as well as community culture. A community that works together, survives together. By affectively policing in efforts to not only

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