How Culture And Race Affect The Individual

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How Culture and Race Affect Overall Meaning in Literature Literature is a big part of all cultures. Society acquires a vast amount of information from what is being read. The way they are composed and the Individuals who wrote them can change the manner in which values are being seen. Every culture and race are unique in their own ways those include language, art, rituals, beliefs plus a great deal more. With all the different race and cultures in the country, it has shaped the American perception and identity. When a person of a certain ethnic background, gender, sexual preference, even religious viewpoint writes it only becomes natural for their heritage, culture, and racial influence to be present. This is what makes a piece of work so powerful. As in the works of Claude McKay, because of him being an African American novelist, his work offers a new method of considering and appreciating what it entailed to be of a certain race or gender. Showing how culture and race affect the overall meaning in his writing.
Claude McKay’s poems reflect on American civilization during a specific time in history, known as the Harlem Renaissance. A time where racism was predominately a way of living for many, this was a beneficial time in history for African Americans. Bringing blacks together in a new movement which had not been present in America. A development in which blacks emphasized themselves by taking on their racial identity. A time period in which the black community helped…
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