How Culture Can Be Defined As The Norms, Values, And Language

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Culture can be defined as the norms, values, beliefs, and language that makes up a humans way of living; it influences the decisions people make, how people act, and more. Culture can vary among generations, nations, or even the small distance of a city. As humans, we use and rely on culture everyday to make decisions for good or bad outcome; it can influence negative or positive action in a society, for instance, racism is a negative cultural trait that has been carried through generations. Culture is a continuously changing process, while each culture is introduced through contact, accommodation, and diffusion of the other; Culture has developed over period of hundreds and thousands of years.

Just as humans did, culture did not suddenly appear on earth. Similar to the early formation of humans which are referred to as anthropoids, culture slowly took form. The earliest form of tools cannot be dated exactly, but as long as five million years ago Australopithecus or ape like humans may have used stones as weapons; Stones that does not differ unchangingly from stones today. For example, we have evolved the use of stone tools, we shape weapons/knives from elements like metal and other sources of alloy. Cro-Magnon’s brain capacity, for example, was large, but factors having to do with the growth of culture itself were sufficient to prevent any quantum leap in the development of learned behavior (“Sociology Guide," 2015). Without people with a required initiative cultural…
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