How Culture Can Define The Way We Live Our Lives?

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Culture can refer to the characteristics and social behaviour of individuals in a group or society. It can define the way we live our lives and influence who we are: “it includes customs, attitudes, beliefs, traditions and rituals of a society. However, we should not assume all cultures are the same” (Kidd and Teagle, 2012, p.6). it has been suggested that our culture can resemble who we are and play a fundamental role in shaping us. Highlighting that one culture can differ to another individual, which is important when understanding how culture can have a role in shaping contemporary social lives. It can also allow insight into what affects our cultural intake which can be explored through various influences that can explain how we consume culture. Digital culture is the rise of the network society, the internet and technological revolutions that can have an impact us. A combination of online sources: Skype, YouTube, social network sites, websites, advertisement, online shopping, live news updates and many other types of digital media consumed online. Considering how digital culture affects the role of culture can allow understanding on how significant social networks have become. People are interconnected with each other via online participation which forms a set of relations and kinship amongst members of the network (Rainie and Wellman, 2012, p.21). This explains how online participation can become the culture for individuals in society and provide a sense of community.
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