How Culture Does Influence The Consumption Of Brands Towards Consumers Essay

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The rise of brand culture has targeted and influenced the consumer’s thoughts and behavior while purchasing any kind of product in today’s market. There have been numerous studies that clarify how culture does influence the consumption of brands towards consumers. It’s evident that consumers who classify themselves as cultural are likely to be ‘ brand loyal’. By saying this the iPhone plays a strategic role in manipulating consumers into buying the brand. Consumers who love the company behind the iPhone ‘Apple’ have a strong bond with it as the phone itself offers Icloud, IOS, style, design and reliability that no other brand can provide them. That’s one significant reason why consumers purchase and stick to Apple’s products. Not only does it provide trust to its consumers but it also includes upgrading the phones to new versions over years. Once a customer sticks with Apple in general they tend to stay with them for a long time.

The iPhone has significantly changed the way consumers purchase brands; it has enabled them to rely on the company behind the phone making the customer ‘ Brand sensitive’. According to Arvidison (2006) the rise of brands did not only target the consumption of brand culture but it also took in the ‘ world of make’. In the early 80s companies discovered the term ‘ organizational identity’ as a way to direct and adapt a style of command, however, it became important for companies to sell their ‘values and goals to employees, to make them
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