Essay on How Culture Impacted on Kurdish Community Mental Health

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Culture is an experience, knowledge, values, beliefs, religion, notions of time, spatial relations, attitudes, meanings, concepts of the world, hierarchies, and possessions acquired by a community in the course of generations. Culture is a part of every human being. It does not matter where someone was born or lived. Every single human being is surrounded by culture that effects his or her life. Culture influence our beliefs, expectations, norms and how someone will think and act. Culture also affect every ones mental health in many different ways.
Today we will discuss how culture impacted on Kurdish community mental health. Kurds are an ethnic group who was originated in Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Many Turks immigrated to the other parts of the world to get away from the violence in their native countries and to secure a safe future for their children. Countries like Australia and Canada provide medical data on Kurd’s mental health. This data compares the information between the Kurds who immigrated and the ones that were born in these countries. Many immigrated Kurds have reported that they have seen their family members killed in front of them. They have seen their villages burned and witnessed a lot of torture. Many immigrants reported poor health, fear and anxiety. Kurdish culture is also a family centered community. They always listen to their elders and involve their elders in every decision they make in their household. Sweden reported that Kurdish immigrants…