Essay on How Culture Impacted on Kurdish Community Mental Health

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Culture is an experience, knowledge, values, beliefs, religion, notions of time, spatial relations, attitudes, meanings, concepts of the world, hierarchies, and possessions acquired by a community in the course of generations. Culture is a part of every human being. It does not matter where someone was born or lived. Every single human being is surrounded by culture that effects his or her life. Culture influence our beliefs, expectations, norms and how someone will think and act. Culture also affect every ones mental health in many different ways.
Today we will discuss how culture impacted on Kurdish community mental health. Kurds are an ethnic group who was originated in Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Syria. Many Turks immigrated to the other
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It leads to unemployment and these women start feeling anxiety and loneliness. Culture effect everyone in so many different ways. Culture has a big impact on the mental health. For example, Kurds prefer male child over female child. Kurdish culture also prohibit any medication that contain alcohol. Organ transplant and any mechanical ventilation is also prohibited, unless there is a prof that it can save a life, then they may decide to change their mind. Kurdish culture also perform special rituals for dying person. Kurdish culture also prohibit postmortem after the death, because they believe that death person may feel more pain in after life. They also believe that dead body may only be handled by same sex individuals and must be washed before burial of the body. Kurdish culture also impact the way Kurds think about their food. They only eat Halal meat. If Kurd is admitted in hospital, he or she prefer to eat food brought from home or they might eat only vegetarian food at the hospital. Kurdish communities are male dominated. Females are not allowed to travel alone and a male family member must accompany the female. All the decisions are made by male in the family.
In conclusion, we can say that Kurds are very religious and cultured oriented people. They put their religious beliefs before their health. Culture is playing very big role in their mental health and the way they treat their mental illness. Women and children are not allowed to make any

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