How Cultured Hippocampal Neurons And Proteins And Rna Transport

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Furthermore, we also found Kif5C O/E increases PSD95 and synaptophysin levels in dendrites of cultured hippocampal neurons, which further strengthen our hypothesis that Kif5C plays an important role in synapse formation. Our preliminary data have suggested that knockdown of Kif5C impairs the storage of contextual fear memories. Detailed characterization of the spine and branching phenotype and RNA cargos by electrophysiology and imaging are in progress. These studies will bring novel insights into the mechanisms of memory, synapse signaling and RNA transport.
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(B): The 2016 Cell Biology of the Neuron
Gordon Research Conference in Waterville Valley, NH is devoted to outstanding discoveries in neural development, function, regeneration as well as diseases. Neuronal cell biology has emerged as one of the most exciting and rapidly moving fields in contemporary biology. This field is experiencing a revolution in imaging technology and at the same time, powerful molecular and…
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