How Cultures Influence to Organization Development Success in Asian Countries?

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How cultures influence to Organization Development success in Asian countries? Organization Development (OD) is one of many American management techniques utilized in many part of the world. To setting this American origin techniques in different culture always has problem. Some of the biggest challenges for developing theories with cross-cultural relevance come in the area of organizational studies. Differences in behavior, work values, and culture have been studied by many researchers in many different countries. Several frameworks have proven useful for understanding cultural differences. (E.g. Youker, Mclean and Hofstede) Specific OD interventions are then examined separately to determine their fit with the values of those…show more content…
Culture is usually long-term, strategic, and difficult to change. It is rooted in beliefs and values. An organizational culture also represents the shared sense of the way we do things around here, a critical factor guiding day-to-day behavior and shaping a future course of action. From the several papers that I have read about attempt to adapt OD to use in Asian countries, I found that state-owned enterprise in China have successful in setting OD practice. This company reveals that they use OD and other western techniques in creating a shared vision, establishing a performance-based human resource management system, and standardizing budgetary and cost control procedures. The success of the company 's change effort is largely attributed to leadership, standardization of management systems, commitment to learning and training, and partnership with an OD expert.(Jia Wang, 2010) McLean from university of Minnesota (2000) explored reasons for OD’s failure in 7 Thailand companies he found that many OD practices did not work well in Thai organizations because of the culture, open communication in Thai culture is very difficult and participation is limited due to the respect given to hierarchy in Thai organizations. Also the
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