How Curriculum Can Be Broken Down Into Five Key Concepts

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Understanding Curriculum Experiences Curriculum is an important tool used in Australian schools. Blaise and Nuttall (2011, p. 80) describe curriculum as a set of guidelines teachers use to plan and deliver classroom experiences and learnings. Blaise and Nuttall (2011, p. 82) explain curriculum can be broken down into five key concepts which include: • The intended curriculum is what the curriculum framework says the children should learn • The enacted curriculum is how the teacher delivers the intended curriculum to engage their students • The hidden curriculum is what children happen to learn even though a teacher is not directly teaching it • The null curriculum consists of topics the teachers do not want to discuss with their students • Finally, the lived curriculum which is a combination of the above four concepts resulting in the actual experiences the children have at school These concepts help educators focus on the learning experience they provide rather than the subjects and contents of the curriculum framework (Blaise & Nuttall, 2011, p. 82). Blaise and Nuttall (2011, p. 86) outline while it is mandatory to follow the curriculum frameworks provided by the government, not all teachers use them as a basis of their lesson plans. There are a number of stakeholders, which Brady and Kennedy (2007, p. 7-9) describe as bodies or individuals that have an enthusaisum towards the contents of the curriculum. Some of these include: the government, businesses, parents,
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