How Customer Buying Behaviour Is Influenced By Social Media Marketing And Advertising

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It’s a well known fact that technology has changed our lives; it has influenced our lives and our influencing behavior towards others. But in case of marketing, it’s the same old wine in new bottle means doing the same advertising using new and popular tools among society. The typical and traditional definition of marketing is the act of promotion and sale of some product and services and the best referred concept to describe the marketing business is “funnel” concept which describes the methods of attracting new prospects and eventually converting them into potential customers.
Funnel Concept of
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Thus, this customer retaining section has become the narrowest and top most section of pyramid concept.
The friends and known persons of your existing clients will become your new prospects on your client’s recommendations. You can reward your clients or customers on promotion of your product/services and bringing new prospects by providing offers and discount on your services. The getting new prospect process will become the middle section of the pyramid.
The lowermost section of the pyramid is converting new prospects into clients and influencing them to bring more prospects. It is a kind of chain reaction which will expand your business dynamically rather than making it still in the hope of getting new prospects by word of mouth. The best feature of social media marketing is that it does not end with the conversion of prospect into client; it just begins and grows with the first client.
Social Media: An Important and Integral Component of marketing but Not the Only One
Social media marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategy but it is the not the only strategy. It works very well along with the traditional marketing practices like advertising in print media like newspapers, magazines and pamphlets. It is most compatible with email marketing by which you can reach millions of prospects in less time.
Why social media a hype?
Social media is a platform which is based on the content generated by the user; in short,
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