How Customer Experience Affects Your Brand

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Customer experience is the focal point of brand strategy. Building stronger brands means companies understand their consumers’ priorities. In a 2016 Marketing Week survey, 83% of marketers said they “believe customer experience is now more central to their role than it was five years ago.” Translation: Customers want to enjoy more than just products and services. “In other words, if you want that next sale, if you want good word of mouth, and if you want to keep your customers, it 's unlikely that anything else you do matters more than delivering a superior experience,” writes Harley Manning, a Fast Company contributor. CMOs and branding experts realize that the customer experience matters. Therefore, they are changing their marketing strategies to reflect these findings. Create a brand strategy that centers around improving your customer experience. How Customer Experience Affects Your Brand Failing at the customer experience can have a significant impact on branding. Mishaps waste your team time and money. Plus, distraught customers buy from competitors and talk negatively about your brand. According to a MarketingSherpa survey, 22% of consumers stop recommending products all together after a bad customer experience. Moreover, a whopping 42% of surveyed customers actually sought brand competitors and even disparaged the brand via word-of-mouth or social media. Len Markidan, head of marketing at Groove, says, “Just because you can grow your business without a
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