How Customer Reviews Enhance Credibility

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How customer reviews enhance credibility

Let’s turn the attention to looking more specifically, how customer reviews can boost credibility. This section together with the tips in the following section will help you make the most of public reviews.

Customers value transparency & they trust each other

Studies have repeatedly shown how customers value transparency. Since an increasing amount of shopping now happens online, customers have a limited ability to check the product or service prior to the buying decision. The ability to read real life experiences of the product will naturally provide the consumer a ‘second-hand’ experience and give valuable insight into the product.

As we mentioned above, above 60% of consumers prefer websites, which have customer reviews. Reviews aren’t only important in the retail business either. In a TripAdvisor study, over half of the respondents said they wouldn’t book a stay in a hotel with no reviews.

Websites that don’t show reviews are considered less informative. Simply by allowing reviews on the website, you can make your business image more transparent and therefore trustworthy.

Customers are also falling out of love with the traditional sales pitch. It’s much more effective to hear about the product and service from another consumer like them. It provides a more personal feel about the product and adds authenticity to the experience.

It is much more convincing to hear about the positives of a certain beauty product from people…
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