How Customer Service Has Grown And Changed Over The Years

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Abstract This paper explores three published articles that report on subjects having to do with customer support. Be the relationships online (Internet) and offline (non-Internet) and how they relate to customer service and the help desk environments. The articles have little variance in how they treat and face the subject matter as this is more about the history and thus not a very subjective topic. This paper examines these three works in relation to each other and to show how customer service has grown and changed over the years, from face-to-face interactions to computer-mediated communication. Keywords: customer service, help desk The History of the Help Desk and The Various Methods of Customer Support The modern help desk is something most every consumer of technology will experience now days, be it through toll-free numbers, websites, instant messaging or e-mail. However this is just what a help desk has evolved into in the modern day. The need for good customer relations has been around since the client-customer model came into use. Known as “customer support”, it has changed dramatically over the past 100 years. The term “help desk” originally meant the place where employees would get technical support relating to their company’s information technologies infrastructure, recently the scope of this term has expanded in its meaning and use. For example in some academic environments the term could refer to help provided in the library. Before the turn of the
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