How Cybercrime Has Impacted Crime Investigations

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How Cybercrime Has Impacted Crime Investigations
By Tyler O’Neal

Criminal Investigations
Dr. Greg Etter

Technology is forever changing and evolving. Just when one thinks that they have the latest and greatest in the world of technology something better comes along. This phenomenon does not just affect whether one has the newest phone, laptop, or gaming device, but, rather, has a much broader impact than that. I am talking about the relatively new concept of cybercrime. Crime as we know it has existed forever, but has always continued to evolve. One of the newest aspects of crime is taking what we traditionally think of as crime and flipping it upside down. Unlike in decades past, one can commit a crime anywhere and
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One needs to understand that there are many different classifications of cybercrime.(Richards 69) The first classification is that when a computer is a target of the crime thus named a target cybercrime.(McCoy, 303) In our textbook McCoy states that the intent of a target cybercrime is “either to take information from the computer or to intentionally damage hardware, programs, or data files.”(McCoy, 303) Brenner focuses on hacking, malware, and Distributed Denial of Service attacks as the primary ways a target cybercrime is carried out.(Brenner, 49) Next, is the category of tool cybercrimes. These type of cybercrimes use a computer to commit a more traditional crime rather than the computer be the source of the crime.(Brenner, 73) This category of cybercrime can include any type of crime that can be aided by the use of a computer, but it most often includes fraud.(McCoy, 304) A tool cybercrime can affect property and persons.(Schell & Martin, 30) Cyber vandalism, viruses, and theft can all fall under the damage against property that can come from a tool cybercrime.(Schell & Brenner, 30) If a tool cybercrime is going to injure a person it is usually done through the means of cyberstalking or cyber pornography.(Schell & Martin, 30) Often times criminals will use the web to harass and abuse a person without having to physically put themselves near the victim, which, in the perpetrator’s mind, makes them less
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