How Cyberpunk Is A Neutral Connotation Of Accelerationism Situated Between The Left And Right Wings

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Cyberpunk is a neutral connotation of accelerationism situated between the left and right wings. Like a perpendicular spike with equal magnitude that juts from the tangential line that connects the forward progress of technological advancements. A warning. Accelerationism in itself is divided, the same coin with radically different faces. The left, which aims at moving away from capitalism and its hindering effects which hold back true unbridled technological growth and the right which, on the other hand, aims at advancing the technological state to increase capital, consumerism and the spectacle as outlined by the situationists. Cyberpunk has little to no intrinsic capitalist feel or drive, but remains grounded in the reality that…show more content…
Ultimately, there has been a shift from raw power and the hunger for mechanical force to a mechanized and industrialization of consumerism, past the days of Fordism, into auto automation. While many of the political conservatives of our day and age state that they want to return to the days of Fordism, accelereationists Alex Williams and Nick Srnicek would argue that the capitalist golden days of Fordism are both undesirable and impossible to return to.(355) Stating that we we as a society want to personally do less for work and instead progressively automate jobs. In doing this our process has focused on industrialization around the capitalist ideals, producing technology not for the good of humanity but rather for luxury and pleasure. In these ends, it would be fair to say that we as a society have currently reached a harmonious state of right wing accelerationism, driven to make the capital gains fueled technology rather than human labor. This is very obvious in places where factory jobs used to hold a city together, such as Detroit, but have subsequently collapsed in on themselves because the labor market have moved from hands to rotors. This process has been vastly aided by mega corporations such as Microsoft, Google, Amazon and other technology giants but this is not slated to be the case forever. As this continued automation happened many people become displaced and either more technical skill sets or

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