How Cybersecurity Is An Aspect Of Security

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Introduction Cybersecurity is an aspect of security that has shaped the way we as a people think and live our everyday lives. For the past 10 years and even before then, this trend of cybersecurity has been a constant topic of both discussion and protection of our data and of our financial assets as well. There have been numerous attacks on companies and federal organizations from big name Fortune 500 companies such as Visa, Target, etc. to big name federal agencies such as National Security Agency (NSA), and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) just to name a couple. This principle of cybersecurity will continue to be something that will always remain a factor in all that we do. According to Bradley (2016), “Unfortunately, we don’t really have a clear vision from any of the candidates of how they intend to address the cybersecurity landscape or cyber threats against the United States if elected”. In 2016, the presidential election has come into full swing, cybersecurity has been something that has come to the forefront of candidates’ campaigns and speeches, the constant question of how can we continue to protect ourselves from cyber espionage. Article Summary The Article “The Cybersecurity Stakes of Election 2016” by Tony Bradley, talks about how the 2016 Election has taken a turn for the worst and has seriously taken cybersecurity as a critical element of who will receive the most votes in the upcoming election. References to recent leaks of information such as the
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