How Data And Information Travel The Internet

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Part One: 1.) Google: IP address Geographic Location: Mountain View, California, U.S 2.) BBC: IP address: Geographic Location: London, City of London, Great Britain 3.) Spotify IP address: Geographic Location: Japan 4.) Sony IP address: Geographic Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S 5.) Baidu IP address: Geographic Location: Beijing, Beijing (22), China Part Two: 1.) Google: Number of stops: 9 2.) BBC: Number of stops: 8 3.) Spotify Number of stops: 10 4.) Sony Number of stops: 6 5.) Baidu Number of stops: 12 Part Three: Briefly describe how data and information travel the internet Typically, a user requests a website by entering it in their browser. From there,…show more content…
It is like a phonebook with an ability to direct traffic to their proper place. Part Four: Explain the difference between circuit switching and packet switching Circuit switching was a method that was previously used with telephones. In this method, a connection between two people, for example, would always remain on "standby" until there was actual communication between those peoples ' phones. In that case, the connection that allowed communication between them would be actualized. Packet switching, on the other hand, is a method where packets are routed independently in order to ensure communication between different parties. There are no dedicated routes for two destinations, unlike the circuit switching method. Instead, these packets are shared and are used to create an unrestricted method of communication. What is caching, and why is it important with respect to routing internet traffic? Caching is a computer 's ability to store information that will help facilitate future access to a website. For example, if a user visited Facebook in the morning and decides to do so again in the evening, the computer will remember how it initially got access to Facebook and use it the second time. If the computer knows how to access a site, then it would have no need of going through the whole process, thus reducing internet traffic. Part Five: I 'm writing about the cyberbullying case of Amanda Todd.
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