How Data Warehouse Is It Improves The Productivity By Redesigning Business Process And Work

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Data warehouse is aggregation of subject-oriented, integrated databases, which is designed to confirm DSS support. Now days these repository has become a focal point for DSS in organisation. These data repository used for online analytical Processing (OLAP), data mining and support queries. Decisions which are pending from a long time get resolved by analysing data warehouses. Another benefit of data warehouse is it improves the productivity by redesigning business process and work. It is challenging and technical undertaking because data comes from different sources and systems. There are some other organisational issues like sponsorship maintenance, scope avoidance and political issues. Because of these reasons data warehouse project get…show more content…
Try to make it better, integrated, more accurate and can be accessed from a source of one single point. Behind the data warehouse development there is an application which is work as driver to build it. Achievement of company goals: A business is considered to be successful if the system of that business supports the needs of business compare to one that does not support it properly. So to make a business successful there is a need of alignment of company goals with warehouse, maintaining of this alignment is an ongoing process. It is very usual that goals for warehouse become more strategic as time passes, because management understood the importance of warehouse for supporting business goals. Deciding Information requirement: What information should be stored to which granularity, how old historic data will be kept in it? All these things get decided by user’s information requirement. Big challenge comes in a picture when warehouse has to support a cross domain and cross organisation information. To store cross domain and cross organisation details there is need to be identified and agreed on it. We have to select the best source system that will full fill these needs. Setting Priorities: Development of data warehouse should be an evolution. First version of data warehouse should contain the data for few of the areas, and it should support the application and all the users those who are accessing
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