How Decisiveness Is A Personality Trait That I Feel Like I Possess

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Decisiveness is a personality trait that I feel like I possess. It’s a trait that has been studied more recently throughout the years. It has become increasingly popular due to it being related to not only leadership opportunities but many positions of power in our country and our military. However, on a smaller scale it’s easier to see in day to day activities such as: deciding what to wear, figuring out a topic for an assignment, deciding whether or not to agree to an idea, and many more other examples. Michael Weissman is a main source of information for a lot of the technical aspects of the trait of decisiveness. According to Weissman (1976), decisiveness is defined as, “the ability of the individual to engage in the decision making process.” This is the definition that has become the foundation of my research. Related Ideas Decisiveness is a personality trait that has many other similar synonyms and traits that are similar or relate to the overarching idea of achievement-oriented personalities. Achivement-oriented and need for achievement. It’s the, “desire to do things well, to feel pleasure in overcoming obstacles” (Carver & Sheier 2012). This relates due to people who have the decisiveness personality trait often make their decisions based on wanting to be right, feeling that what they have chosen is the correct choice, and then committing to it. They often feel like they know the best answer so they have an easier time to commit which is where the achievement

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