How Democratic Is The American Constitution?

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As citizens of America, how free are we? Yes essentially, we can make our own decisions but at what cost. It seems like in order to uphold structure and stability within while securing the wellbeing of every citizen of a nation us to have a government. However, if the establishment of government is essential, there are certain sacrifices one has to make to ensure one’s protection. Therefore, the battle between freedom, equality, and security comes into play when you’re trying to construct a “perfect” government”. In which we are inbounded by our constitution that has been in effect for two centuries. In the book How Democratic is the American Constitution?, Robert A. Dahl questions the very idea that America is land of the free. He…show more content…
This was his main argument. Dahl addressed an overview of not only what he believes but also what he further went into detail in throughout the book. He focused on the shortcomings of the framers and how they had to make this document for America when they didn’t know the full potential of America would be. He also stated, “[f]athers (including the Framers) intended to create a republic, not a democracy… citizens would simply not tolerate such a government. A second immovable limit was the existence of the thirteen states, with still more states to come.”(Dahl 5). It was intended to be republic, which is why our democratic society has issues with it today because some citizens feel as though they are not being represented the way they should. He also goes on further to say as. This quote made a substantial affect because it makes reminds the reader that it was constructed for on 13 states. The United States now has almost 4 times as many states as it did back then ranging from coast to coast. He also goes on to say, “[wise as the framers were, they were] necessarily limited by their profound ignorance”(Dahl 7). Which does not necessarily mean they were intelligent but they were limited to constructing a document that would serve people now and in the future. Which is probably why the constitution is arguably very vague so that even though it may not include exact rights concerning at situation all inexplicit rights are still protected. Moreover, the
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