How Democratic Is The American Constitution Written By Robert A. Dahl

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In the book How Democratic Is the American Constitution written by Robert A. Dahl, it shows us a deeper understanding of how the complexities of when and how the ideals of the American democracy were framed. This book also shows us that this amazing document was created in a way that many of us wouldn’t have thought of. Throughout the book Dahl takes us on an incredible adventure through America’s beginning years, as far back as the Constitutional Convention in 1787. One of the first things that is mentioned in the book is that the democracy that we have is not a static system but rather it has been changed and still continues to change to this day over the years since it has been completed. Many of the authors that helped to contribute to completing the Constitution also had a change of views as the years went by after the document’s completion. For example, Dahl mentions that James Madison, who was thirty six years old at the time, had not fully finalized his ideas for the constitution, mainly towards suffrage and majority rules. Due to this, couple of years later Madison published a series of multiple essays that contain ideas and steps to take that could help overcome the possible threats of political parties. In 1821 Madison wrote “The right of suffrage is a fundamental Article in Republican Constitutions” (Dahl, 2001, p. 35). This book is a great read for a better and deeper understanding of early political science that is written in a great style that is
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