How Demographic Characteristics Influences The Provision Of Spalding 's Local Health And Social Services

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In this report I will be describing and investigating how demographic characteristics influences the provision of Spalding’s local health and social services. The demographic factors underpin how services are planned and carried out. Understanding and examining the demographic characteristics helps the Lincolnshire council to plan the delivery of the health, social and early years’ services that best suites the local services users within Lincolnshire. If the care, social and early year practises and services are well planned they respond to the aims of the evolving needs and priorities of the of the service users at a local level while also combating the national problems. It is fundamentally important that all service users work in…show more content…
summarily planning also considers the national targets, objectives and care standards which are produced by the English government.
The demographic could be defined at a national and local area, these factors could include: the number of single parents; the number of children under 4 years old (under schooling age); the number of people unemployed, employed or retired; the death rate and the ages of those people who die; the number of people who are registered as disabled. The number of these people are considered and also the distribution across the UK and within the local area. During the investigation in this report I will be focusing on two local demographic influences these will include the age and the health requirements of Lincolnshire.
Local governments plan health, social and childcare initiatives by developing them around established targets, national service frameworks, local health strategy targets and national health authority targets that are set by the government. Not only do these set standards give a guidance as to the standard of care that needs to be given, they also serve as standard for which successful improvement that the initiatives are having.

Age distribution of the population
The proportion of people in different age ranges is a significant factor that
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