How Demographic Characteristics Influences The Provision Of Spalding 's Local Health And Social Services

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In this report I will be describing and investigating how demographic characteristics influences the provision of Spalding’s local health and social services. The demographic factors underpin how services are planned and carried out. Understanding and examining the demographic characteristics helps the Lincolnshire council to plan the delivery of the health, social and early years’ services that best suites the local services users within Lincolnshire. If the care, social and early year practises and services are well planned they respond to the aims of the evolving needs and priorities of the of the service users at a local level while also combating the national problems. It is fundamentally important that all service users work in unison in order to achieve local and national goals.
Planning of the local services provided in Spalding are fundamentally influenced by the local demographic characteristics of the area such as such as its trends and how these correlate to the national statistics of the country. For example, if Lincolnshire had a high teenage pregnancy rate, more action would be put into place such as increased sexual health education in schools, further access to free contraception and facilities for the young mothers to go to for education and support these are put into place to support the mothers and to decrease the rate of teenage pregnancies, alternatively if there was a higher percentage of elderly people (over the ages of 65) in Lincolnshire compared…
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