How Depression And Attention Deficit Is Associated With Sleep Duration

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Many questioned, or perhaps pondered upon the relationships between depression and attention deficit, with sleep duration. Research has been done about these issues, but focused exclusively on adolescents. This article shows how researchers try to answer questions on how depression and attention deficit is associated with sleep duration. The researchers of this study have hypothesized that there is a “close connection between sleep duration, poor attention and depressive symptoms”, in non-clinical children. They have planned to explore the children’s sleep duration, bedtime behavior, daytime sleepiness, attention and, symptoms of depression. Some of their findings were unanticipated, and unexpected.

This research was carried out on 439 5th grade students from a town in southern Finland. The sample of 439 students had a mean age of 11.51 years old, comprised of 50.8% girls, and 49.2% boys. Students in Swedish-speaking, and special education classes were not included in the research. The researchers used the method of surveying in a form of a questionnaire for their investigation. The student’s sleep durations were gathered by asking the students what time every individual goes to bed, and the time one wakes up, during the school week, and a different set for sleep activity for the weekend. The students were also asked questions about their adverse bedtime behavior. They did that by asking questions like how long it takes for individuals to fall asleep.

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