How Deviant Behavior Affects Society

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How Deviant Behavior Affects Society

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This paper focuses on the causes and effects of deviant behavior in society. People are not born delinquent, this is a learned behavior developed through societal effect and cause. Deviance is a socially influenced or affected behavior. This paper explores the reasons deviant behavior occurs, offers examples of deviants' effects on society in many different ways and proposes that the effects of deviant behavior, which often start in childhood, at the familial level, have long lasting far stretching effects that endanger society, or harm society, more so than what is apparent at first glance. Furthermore, this paper concludes that more treatment in earlier years or
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If the fact that you are poor, broke, in a single family, and so forth, can cause patterns that cause a person to behave in a delinquent manner for years to come, affecting society for years, can simple peer pressure, bullying, childish ignorance inflict wounds that do not heal and affect society in a negative way for many, many years?

“The behavior of one’s peers is a robust correlate of delinquency: studies consistently find that individuals who engage in delinquency also have peers who engage in delinquency. This relationship has typically been explained as the result of conformity to norms operating within an individual’s peer group, implicitly assuming that individuals accurately perceive the norms of their group. This assumption is challenged by research documenting systematic errors that occur when
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estimating norms. While a large literature explores how misperception influences behavior, few studies have systematically modeled the effect of misperception. To address this lack of research, estimation of norms in peer social networks is investigated using 1,046 respondents from two waves of the Netherlands Institute for the Study of Crime and Law Enforcement (NSCR) School Project. A model is proposed where delinquency results partly from the
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