How Did African American Slavery Help Shape America?

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How did African American slavery help shape America?
The United States of America has historical events that underlie the primary example of a country which overcomes every adversity with courage and commitment. Several pieces of history can obviously emphasize the strength of those who inhabited this nation and shaped it into what it is today; one of which is the era of slavery. Slavery is a topic that is often rejected during the mentioning of historical events in America primarily due to the fact that it contradicts what American culture advocates. When attempting to reprimand their previous discriminatory actions towards African Americans, many Americans often fail to realize the impact that African Americans truly had on this country. Without slavery, as inauspicious as the idea may sound, the framework of America would have not been established, its populational growth would not have been as rapid, and the amount of labor that induced economic and military success would be nearly impossible, thus leading to the conclusion that America would not have excelled without slavery. Slavery in America began when the first bunch of African slaves were brought to North America in 1619. They settled in Jamestown, Virginia to assist in the production of economy enhancing crops. Initially, the concept of this form of slavery was servitude, slaves were either sent back to Africa or allowed to own land. Europeans recommenced quests to Africa in search of gold. This is when they…
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