How Did African Americans Affect Perception?

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The time I never really experienced incorrect perception but I've seen it happen before it happened in the store when a lady who was African American walked in the store and all the works had their eye on her. They had their eyes on her because they have thought she would steal something because I was next to them when they were talking through the walkie talkies. It seemed like that by the way her skin color was. First, it started when I went to the store to buy somethings then a lady walks in with her older son and then I heard a lady talking into the walkie talkies saying watch her. All the employees were watching to see if they would steal something from the store. One of the employees told another employee to call the cops. While the lady and her son were still walking around with items in their hand to buy it and we're still looking for other things I believe. Then the cops had came in the employees had told the cops that they looked suspicious. When all they did was get things to shop, the employees had told the cops to keep an eye on them till they leave to see if they steal.…show more content…
The employee's were all around them and the lady and son were kinda scared and just keep doing their business buying items and clothes. The employees and cops followed them everywhere they went around the store, even when they went to the dressing room the cops would stay close and watched their every move. The cop's and employees were everywhere outside and inside the store to see when they get out and see them inside. The lady and son had split up to get different things and the employees had thought they were going to make their move. They followed both of them to where they were heading off the son had went to the bathroom. Once the son had gotten out the cops immediately searched him quickly and the mother got mad and both went to pay the
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