How Did African Americans Influence The Europeans

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Europeans had been involved with africa since the 16th century. When the portuguese used their cannons to take control of cities on coast to set up trading post empires,but in the second half of the 19th century europe suddenly and spectacularly succeeded at colonizing basically all of africa. Why?, well, the biggest reason the europeans were able to extend their grasp over so much of the world was the same reason they wanted to do so in the first place: industrialization. Nationalism played its parts of course. Europeans states saw it as a real bonus to say they had colonies so much so that children's rhymes in an ABC for baby patriots went “C is for colonies. Rightly we boast that of all the great countries britain has the most” but it was…show more content…
First steam ships made it possible for europeans to travel bringing supplies and personnel via africa's navigable rivers. Even more important was quinine medicine some times in the form of tonic water was mixed into refreshing quintessential british gin and tonic.quinine isn't as effective as anti-malarial medicine and it doesn't cure the diseases but it does help moderate the effects. But of course, the most important technology that helped europeans dominate africa was guns. By the 19th century , european gunn technology had improved dramatically, especially with the introduction of the maxim machine gun which allowed european To wipe out africans battle after battle. Of course ,machine guns were too effective when wielded by africans, but,Africans had fewer of them.Similar to imperialism,Advances in technology are one of the main reasons that globalization has escalated in the past decade. In information and communication technology, innovations have become smaller in size, more efficient and often more affordable. In transport technology, vehicles have tended to become larger and faster, as well as becoming more environmentally friendly and cheaper to…show more content…
The internet and the development of digital technology (computer-based technology) in particular, have made the most significant impact in the field of information and communication technology in the past decade. The internet is essentially a network of computers across the world which is linked through global
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