How Did Africans Respond And Resist European Penetration And Occupation Of Africa?

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How did Africans respond and resist European penetration and occupation of Africa? The African’s responded and resisted the European penetration and occupation Africa in four major ways. The everyday African’s made the first major act of resistance. Their main plan of action was to make it difficult for the Europeans to find or capture them. They did this in a number of ways, the first was resettling in places that were hard to find. They settled in remote areas, caves, swamps, and mountains and built ramps, fortresses, and planted poisonous plants all in an effort to protect them from being captured. Others transformed their habitat and manner of the land they occupied. One town was built on stilts in water too shallow for the ships which allowing the natives to see approaching raiders and act appropriately. Another town built houses that were shaped like termite nests tricking the raiders. The resistance of the African Elite helped give their natives the courage to stand up to the European raiders. Many Kings such as; Nzinga Mbemba, Obas Benin, Tezifon, Agia, and Almamy resisted the Europeans by banning the sale of slaves and refusing to give up their people. One example of this resistance occurred when the French had a ship waiting to go back to Europe that they were unable to fill, the French then sent people off to fetch slaves, these people went to Almamy of Futa, who had forbidden slavery, Almamy stood up to the French and refused to allow them to take his people.…
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