How Did Agriculture Influence The Development Of Ancient Civilization

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Civilization rooted from agriculture. Without agriculture, no one would have planted crops, and there would be no need for certain technological developments, such as the irrigation system. Agriculture changed the way people got food. It also allowed people to trade with other civilizations that were not able to grow certain crops, therefore allowing civilization to grow, and develop. Agriculture also developed society. It allowed people to specialize in different jobs, such as being a soldier, or a trader. Agricultural technology, methods for acquiring food, and new skills are ways that civilization has grown, because of agricultural development.
One of the biggest advancements in technology due to agriculture is the irrigation system. The
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Some civilizations had no fertile land so they wouldn’t be able to farm and instead they would hunt and other civilizations had excellent fertile land and they would be able to farm. Since agriculture came about, it allowed people that didn’t have something to trade with other people that did have something. For example, people could trade grains, corn meat, or leather. The development of agriculture allowed people to have a surplus of food.
Lastly, agriculture allowed societies to learn new skills, such as pottery for storage, weaving for clothing, and shelter. People had learned the skill of weaving. They had sheep wool, and needed to find a use for it, so they started to spin the hairs to make cloth. Since they were able to now make cloth, they could make better clothing, and blankets, or tents. This allowed people to be warm during the winters, and not die because of the coldness.
Technology, food gathering, and new skills. These are all major parts of how civilization has grown, and it is all because of agriculture. Without agriculture, none of this would have happened as soon as it did with agriculture. No one would think about the irrigation system that is still used to this day. We would still be hunters, we would not be farming. All in all, agriculture has developed society for the
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