How Did Alexander Hamilton Impact On Society

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Alexander Hamilton as the United States first secretary of the treasury has contributed a great impact to

the U.S political and economic development. This impact is still alive today. His talent, brilliance and

luck brought him to America. His skills and life experiences and opportunities in networking with the

rich and powerful ended him up as the first secretary of the treasury under President George

Washington's presidency.

During that time the United States was in a great turmoil politically and economically, facing

international and domestic debts as a result of the American Revolution. He came up with proposals on

Fiscal policies with the goals of paying off debt incurred from war. He had the federal government

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number equates to every person in the United States having a debt of about $55,000 and up including

children young and old. There is the never-ending federal spending which rises from Obama care,

Social Security, Medical and Medicaid.

How much power can the government really have? Yes, the principle of a strong government is still

alive today. Laws exist but some are not really implemented or either implemented, but on a case to

case basis. The government is not transparent enough and as a matter of fact secretive and it still just

do what it wants without the approval of the common good. I wonder how Alexander Hamilton view

this had he been alive today. The United States nowadays is more of a service-oriented economy and

not so much on agriculture and manufacturing as it did centuries ago. Most businesses outsource its

materials and labors from other countries for economic reasons. It is not relying so much on the United

States available resources. When it comes to the tax policy, ordinary citizens are taxed more than the

wealthy. The gap between rich and poor is higher than ever. The government is still financing

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