How Did Alphonse Mucha Create A Poster Of Lady With Cigarettes

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Alphonse Mucha’s Job Poster is part of Art Nouveaus. Why did He create a poster of lady with cigarettes? 1 Mucha create poster of lady because his first poster was Salon des Cent when he was 31. He repeated drew different ladies on different poster, as he mentions, “Art can never be new” 2. He created some more poster of different kind of lady. Job poster are made in Colour Lithograph, it is from Champenois. This ‘Job’ lady has some matchsticks as clip on her hairs, because on other of artworks, Mucha did designs on different hairstyles for females. He drew hairstyle into the horseshoe-shaped when it is curly. 3 He creates the example of characteristic of female hair as sexual objects; curls and rendered in energetic curves into fashion. This lady seems to be spending time smoke for Job Cigarettes? This cigarette company used the lady to show sexuality with cigarettes. Theartstory site said that they used this lady to show the mood when she was smoking.…show more content…
The answer is not exactly no, because this lady shows that she can smoking to show males that some women were also smoking too. He most picks either virginal girls or femmes’ fatales, and his girls showing the curiously mixed message. JSTOR site mention that they allow men to smoking and the women were rarely showen with smoking. Thompson mentions that in the 1890s, women were the main theme of advertising for the cigarette. Mucha create women smoking because some told that men are looking into young women. There is another reason why he creates women because; anonymous author wrote: “Choosing a wife by a pipe of Tobacco”. Some said about cigarette girls when Mucha creating his artwork can be understand of the artists’
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