How Did America Get So Big?

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How did America get so big? You may know how America doubled its size, but do you know who guided the explorers through the unknown land? Her name is Sacagawea and more than 200 years ago she accompanied Lewis and Clark during their expedition. The explorers traveled across the Northwest of America bb because the land was new. When the explorers were hungry, she found them food to eat. When they met Indians along the way, she acted as a translator. Thanks to Sacagawea the Lewis and Clark expedition was a success. The Lewis and Clark expedition changed American history .It helped the United States of America settle a huge region. This region included the states which are now the state, s of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Sacagawea was only 16 years old when she crossed America with the explorers with her baby on her back. She is known as an inspiration around the world because she went through so much even with a baby on her back. She didn’t care about her own health, but the help and the goals of the explorers. Sit tight and get your popcorn ready because this is a fascinating story of her life. This is her true story.
On May of 1788 Sacagawea was born in a tepee near present day Salmon, Idaho. Sacagawea was part of the Lemhi Shoshone Tribe which made her a Shoshone Indian .She was in a very important family in that tribe. Her father was the chief of the tribe and had four children. Sacagawea was one of 4 children. She had an older brother named Cameahwait, an older sister…
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