How Did Aten Changed His Name To Akhenaten?

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On his fifth year of reign, Amenhotep IV went to the site of the new city Akhetaten, in present-day Amarna, Egypt. It is said that he was guided by the lights of Aten, which is the one and only god that he forced people to worship. This light made him think that Aten was telling him to create a new city and he ended up in Akhetaten (the horizon of Aten). This is when Amenhotep IV officially changed his name to Akhenaten (effective for Aten). He changed 4 out of 5 of his titles and these new title names had something to do with Aten. In his sixth year of his reign, Akhenaten abandoned the city of Thebes, the capital city and moved the capital to Akhetaten. In the center of the city, there was a large road. This road was believed to be the widest
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