How Did Augustus Use Wooden Stadiums?

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Wooden Stadiums A fire in 31 BC, the first of three, destroyed the wooden structure. It was rebuilt by Emperor Augustus who also added an imperial box on the Palatine Hill. A large obelisk from Heliopolis was added to the spina as a decoration. The obelisk can now be found at the center of the Piazza del Popolo. Another obelisk was added much later, in the fourth century. A second fire, in 64 AD, which started in wooden shops at the bottom around the track started the fire that burned much of Rome during the reign of Emperor Nero. Architectural design The execution space of the Roman circus was typically, notwithstanding its name, an oval rectangle of two direct areas of race track, isolated by a middle strip running along the length …show more content…

The defining moments on either end of the spina were normally set apart by funnel shaped shafts, called the metae (solitary: meta). The execution surface of the carnival was ordinarily encompassed by rising seating along the length of both straight sides and around the bended end, however there were here and there interferences in the seating to give access to the bazaar or the seating, or to accommodate uncommon review stages for dignitaries and authorities. One bazaar, that at Antinopolis (Egypt), shows a particular hole of somewhere in the range of 50m between the carceres and the begin of the rising seating where there is evidently no structure. This seems, by all accounts, to be a special case. The considerable larger part of carnivals fit the portrayal above. Those that don't show two unique varieties: that at Emerita Augusta (Mérida, Spain), where the carceres end is substituted by a marginally bended "straight" end joined to the straight sides of climbing seating by adjusted corners of rising seating; and a couple in which the carceres end is substituted by a moment semi-round end to create an oval molded field. These last bazaars are typically little (Nicopolis (Greece) and Aphrodisias (Turkey), and ought to most likely be considered

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