How Did Barack Obama Impact The World

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Barack Hussein Obama will go down in history as a very illustrious person that has had a major impact on the world. Barack Obama grew up in a middle-class like home and was raised by his maternal side of his family. While the young Obama was excelling in school, he struggled to truly fit in with a certain race, as he was deemed to white for the blacks and too black for the whites. This lead to Obama engaging in questionable activities in his early adolescence, which he eventually cleared up. However, Obama was well aware of the racial split going on and he wanted to be someone that could help fix that. His desire to make a change led him to become the 44th president of the United States, Obama is now the leader of the free world and essentially…show more content…
When we look at America’s history, we see a past filled with slavery, racism, segregation and discrimination, ironically enough, the white house was built by slaves! This is an extremely significant feat since this gives minority children that bit of hope that they can achieve anything they want. People of other countries see us in a different light since a person of color now holds the highest ranking position in the country, a country that is arguably the most powerful country in the world. Obama ran a very good campaign in which he had to endure lots of challenges and he should be recognized a successful man. I strongly feel that Obama is more than qualified to run this nation and that he does not get the credit he deserves for having the most stressful job in the world. Barack Obama definitely deserves another 4 years to run this country, but unfortunately under the constitution, a president is only allowed to serve 2 terms. Perhaps the fact that surprised me the most about Obama is the fact that he grew up without a father figure and still managed to have an extremely successful life. Barack Obama is a name that will forever live in American history, as he is truly a prominent
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